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During the year 2006 Vladimir Snezhik creates a new system in the category “Mind & Body” called Port De Bras.

Port De Bras is a perfect combination of yoga, palates, stretching, tai-chi and ballet. In literal translation, Port De Bras means “movement of the hands and body” - which is a term coming from classical ballet. It focuses on the smooth and beautiful movements of the arms and legs. It improves balance and endurance. The method works on your flexibility and tightening of the muscles on the whole body.

Port De Bras is a sport without age limits or contraindications. Everyone could use that method, even people who have traumas on their back and joints.

The classes on Port De Bras are fitting for both newcomers and advanced to the sports field. Even people who are overweight can join a group of advanced people and the training sessions would still be perfect for them. Burning weight with constant Port De Bras training sessions is guaranteed. The process is slow but the kilograms are gone forever.

It does not want you to know everything about the choreography. Even the most advanced in the class wouldn’t be disappointed. The method is made in such a way that it makes you use your mind and body during the whole thing while having multiple difficulty levels while doing the exercises.

What the Port De Bras lessons give you:

* Burning weight

* A better and more straight back

* It teaches you grace, smoothness and arms and legs coordination

* They make you more flexible (you’ll be able to make a split)

* It makes you control your own breathing

The pluses from the Port De Bras classes don’t end there. Besides it improving your durability and making your body strong and beautiful, it gives you extreme emotional pleasure and peace. It breaks the routine you’re in, it shatters the stress and it works on your emotional wellbeing.

Certification program

The upcoming certification program will be held by Irina Atanasova, a representative for Bulgaria at Port De Bras. It will be held on 15 May 2021 /Bulgaria, city Plovdiv/. It will be split into 2 parts: 

Irina will teach you the basic methods and tricks in Port De Bras so you can practice it and teach them correctly. 

Those, who take part in both days will receive some free materials on Port De Bras/video choreography, original music/. You can also buy the materials if you can’t take part in the seminar, they are priced at 50 euro. 

Seminar PortDeBras Club System 

PortDeBras Club System is a variant of training for fitness clubs, studios, etc. while getting to know the new publications in each 3 months 

The format of the lesson is made with different levels of exercises planned that do not need special skills and knowledge. The lesson is about 55 minutes long and according to the level, is made with exercises that focus on stretching, the concept of natural movement and balance, pose building, and functional training including elastic strips, Fitball, unique system of exercises on the floor /Par Terre/. This program is made for coaches on the educational system portdebras. 

See the whole program

1. Introductory part
2. Theory. History of Port De Bra?
3. First practical part - 30 minutes.
4. Port de Brass principles
5. The second practical part - Port De Bras Par Terre + PDB Bands - how to use erasers
6. Theoretical part. Career development in Port De Bra.
7. Port De Bras Master Class - All Training.
8. Working with releases.
9. Theoretical part - How is a workout structured and what should it involve? How to get started with training?
10. How to attract people and develop our activity with us?
11. Port De Bras Balls - short presentation
12. Final part. Handing out certificates and questions.

Certification program

PortDeBras Basic certification course. Level 1.

The main course gives you a main idea of the principles and unique technique which formulates the method PortDeBras. A method based on functionality and dynamic stretching while using your hands and feet. A method that has its own philosophy and uses movement like therapy.

The practical system of exercises which change your mindset. It’s a method with which you can feel the chemistry of a person while keeping your uniqueness. It improves the biochemistry and physiology of your body. The participants in the seminar will get booklets for meditation and certificates for course completion.

Become a licensed instructor with us

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Port de bras

Who is it for?

Everyone! And when we say it's for everyone, we really mean it! If you are a kind citizen, you’re already perfect to join us on a Port De Bras adventure. It’s not mandatory for you to have a group instructor or fitness instructor certificate or have done any sports in the past whatsoever. You just have to have the motivation to pick a sport and get fit.


The next certification program will be help on: >> SEE OUR PROGRAM >>. Sign up!


Bulgaria. City Plovdiv /the exact place will be announced, a little before the certification seminar/


Nope, it's not necessary. You don’t need any extra preparations to obtain a Port De Bras certificate.

There are no limits regarding age and weight. Everyone could participate in the activity.

You could take part in the activities even from a young age, but if you want to obtain a license to teach it you have to be over 18 years old.

YES! Port De Bras may be one of the few activities, that help you recover faster after injuries. It’d be best if before you start practicing it to take advice from your instructor. They will show you the way to the fastest recovery.

Port De Bras has a special system called “Strong Back” which puts importance on back exercises for a healthier and more painless life

Yes, the license is multinational and you can teach Port De Bras outside Bulgaria.

The seminar takes place ones a year so you can keep up your certificate. There is a yearly tax which not only includes your right to teach Port De Bras but new materials like music and video clips get included as well so you can be the best of the best.

Those who take part in the two-day certification seminar get free materials (new Port De Bras music releases and similar media) with which the can easily improve their Port De Bras exercises. There are new music and clips yearly so people could improve more and more their Port De Bras teachings.

Yes, in the Port De Bras trainings football balls and bands are often used to increase its effect. The ways they can be integrated in the training session are shown during seminars for instructors of Port De Bras.



Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Irina Atanasova:; tel. +359988933101
Facebook: Port de bras Bulgaria


Bulgaria, Plovdiv 
Irina Atanasova:  tel. +359988933101
Facebook: Port de bras Bulgaria

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